meplay points Loyalty Program


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Key Features

• New meplay points Loyalty Program
PC Digital Downloads NOW INCLUDED!
• New hardware and accessory range for all your console needs
• Meplay Active A new and exciting outdoors catalogue of products including all your favorite brands
• Pay in local Currencies We are rolling out the ability to pay in all currencies in the GCC.
   At launch, we will be accepting payment in QAR, SAR , AED,  and USD but watch this space for more currencies. COMING SOON!
 Shop & Compare similar products to get exactly what you want.

What is the meplay points Loyalty Program?

meplay members deserve only the very best loyalty program possible.
So as our way of saying thanks to our loyal members, meplay is proud to introduce the meplay points Loyalty Program - the most versatile loyalty program in the Middle East!

The concept is simple - By purchasing from and contributing to, you earn meplay loyalty points. For every 20 AED/SAR spent, you are rewarded with 1 meplay point; a rate greater than any other loyalty program in the Middle East. For 1 meplay point you redeem, you get 1 AED/SAR. For every 5.5 USD spent, you are rewarded 1 meplay point. For 1 meplay point you redeem, you get 0.27 USD.


Key Features Of The Program

Exclusive offers Top subscribers will hear about exclusive offers and discounts before the public announcement
Pay with Points Haven’t got the cash to pay for a product pay with your meplay points instead.
 Like & Share products to recieve meplay points. COMING SOON!
 Spend your points in on over 700 different items!
 Sign up to start receiving your benefits!


Terms and conditions

Note: meplay Loyalty points will only be applied to orders that were purchased after November 2015 and not before.


meplay points can only be awarded to signed up members and are not applicable to ‘Guest access'. meplay points will be awarded to a user once they have recieved the product. In case of games, if the order included a preorder and order title, the total points will only assigned when the last preorder has been delivered. Points will be removed from the user if the order is cancelled or returned. meplay gift and game cards are excluded from the meplay points program. PC gaming systems are excluded from the meplay loyalty points program.