What are me-points?

We at meplay.com want to reward our loyal customers and encourage new customers to join our growing community. me-points is our loyalty program that ensures the more you purchase the more me-points you earn.

How do I earn me-points?

Once you have registered with meplay.com you will become eligible to earn me-points. Every item that you purchase on meplay.com gives you me-points as a reward, this is pre-loaded to each specific item. All you need to do is purchase and your me-points are automatically calculated and accumulated into your account. Please note, not all products have the same level of me-points rewards, these are determined on a product by product basis.

What are me-points worth?

1 me-point is equal to 1 USD. As we accept multiple currencies, me-points can also be redeemed in your preferred currency, see below for exchange rates:

  • 1 me-point = USD 1
  • 1 me-point = AED 3.67
  • 1 me-point = SAR 3.75

How do I redeem my me-points?

While purchasing from meplay.com you can:

  • Browse and select your preferred products.
  • Add these products to your cart.
  • Proceed to the checkout.
  • Select “apply me-points” below the payment method.
  • You will see your total available me-points
  • Input the amount of me-points you want to redeem against your purchase.
  • A discount value equal to your selected me-points will be applied to your cart total.
  • Confirm and place the order.

Is there a minimum or a maximum number of me-points I can use?

No, you can redeem all of your available me-points, there is no minimum or maximum limit on your me-points redemption.

Do my me-points expire?

Yes, me-points are valid for 1 year from the date that the me-point is added to your account, and will expire if not utilized within the 1 year period. You can view your me-point history and expiry dates under your meplay account à me-points history.


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